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Thank You DCI Giving Challenge Donors Jul 17, 2017
La Crosse Pre-Tour Events May 25, 2017
Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2017 May 25, 2017
Spring Training 2017 May 16, 2017
Blue Stars 2017 "On Corps!" Winners: Brighton Barrineau and Trevor Schachner May 8, 2017
Job Openings - Assistant Head Cooks Apr 18, 2017
Support the 2017 Annual Campaign Apr 12, 2017
Save the Date: Blue Stars Family Day and Hall of Fame Induction Mar 31, 2017
Running with the Stars is now March for Music 5K Fun Run Mar 15, 2017
The 2017 Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps Presents Star Crossed Feb 14, 2017
"On Corps!" Competition Returns in 2017 Feb 4, 2017

Thank You DCI Giving Challenge Donors
Jul 17, 2017 3:02 PM (Submitted by: Brad Furlano)

A heartfelt Thank You to all of the generous people who donated in support of the Blue Stars during the DCI Giving Challenge. The friendly competition between drum corps is a lot of fun, but at the end of the day it's is the financial support for these great organizations that is most important. Even though the DCI Giving Challenge is completed, you can add your name to the list of donors by clicking the donate now button today.

2017 Donors

$1,000 and More
Timothy Kviz
Timothy Runge - In Recognition of Jacob Runge and the dedication he has shown to achieve one of his dreams. Marching with the Blue Stars.
Kevin Hanson
Miranda Soucie
Jenny Wagner
Tom Volk -- in recognition of everyone who has worked on the food truck

$500 to $999
Stacie & Bruce Furlano
Niki & Brad Furlano
John & Fran Donahue
Geri Bulka
Fred Feeney
Scott and Donna Mattson
Deresa & Ron Gade
Fukui Mortuary
Jonathan Powell
James Van Vleet
Sue Wilson
Derek & Anisa Clark - Recognizing our beloved David Clark doing what you love on Blue Stars. Proud of your commitment to the team David!

$100 to $499
Arlene Jones
Chris Kohler
Michael Andrews
Patrick Kuhl
Jim Grabowska
Keith Blankenship
Sean Kohler
John Bolstad - In Memory of Rick Ball
The Sylke Family
Robert Kistler
Joe & Avis Furlano
Charles L. Cullen
Breitzke Family
Paul Gentine
Brandon Gilreath
Susan Varner and Jack Withrow
Gary J Muldoon
John Beseler
Karl & Pam Vonderohe
Bryan Borg
Karen Fries - In honor of all Drum Corps Alumni
Billy and Kathy Happel
Jennifer Larsen
Sue Pochop - In Honor of Kendra Pochop
Nancy and Paul Keller - In Honor of Elliott Keller
Mark Johnstone - In honor of the Sky Ryders Alumni
Bradley Harris
Janet Chavers
The Smith/ Krawczyk Families
Jose Cervantes
Patti & Mark Wrobel - In honor of 2015 age out Marcus Wrobel
Elijah Jones
Kevin Ramsey - FCO
Brent Appleyard
Shannon Pierce
Gail Louise Sneed
Mike & Kay Whittemore, '77 Blue Star Alum, works with Stanbury Uniforms, owner of
Andrew McDonald and family
Dawn Christianson - In Memory of Dawn's Mom & Dad
Doc & Karen Nelson
Brian & Monica Ramey
In Memory of Hans Rath
Kathy and Marc Jackett
Steve Stueck
Vicki Engevold
Edward Breitzke
Jon Bahr
Ken & Judy Teeters
Douglas King - In recognition of William King
Kathryn Roeder - In Honor of Jim Schultz
Bob, Cheryl & Hunter Snow
Kelli Antoine - In memory of Dave Kampschroer
Eric Lund
Katherine Hofslien-Moreno
Marie Deja
Owen's Family

Up to $99
Joy Gehm
Sheila O'Sullivan
Denise Pagonis
Lisa Tunks - In Recognition of Dean Tunks
Clem Papineau
Diane Christianson
Skylar & Taylor Winkler
Michele Teague
Kimberly Stephens
Penny Dollens-Smith
Jim Revis
Melissa Tabor
Leanne Kowalski
Sean Villanueva
Gail & Nancy Morgan - In Honor of Josh Morgan
Donald Stephens
Cameron M. Smith
Rick Young
Deborah Mirr
Alex Larson
Janet & John Gacioch
Daniella Stucky
Lisa Ochs
Dawn Christianson
Brandon Wilson
Deandra Christianson
Caroline Baty-Barr - Go Blue Stars, Go Owen!
Mary Sinnott - In recognition of Michael Sinnott '99, 2000, 2003
David-Donna Kampa
Lisa Ekstrom - In Honor of alum /son Justin Ekstrom
Ilene Arends - In Honor Of Blue Stars Alumnus Wesley Arends
Jacqueline Fine - In Honor of Devon Fine
Lynn Boyd
Christina Knudson
Sarah Mattson - Merry Drum Corps Christmas!
Kristen Robbins
Theresa Koss - In Remembrance of Ashley Koss (Bluewater Brass Competition Host Asst)
Paul Gentine
Andrew Tremblay
RIchard and Jennifer Miller
Michael Albitz
Joelle Varner - FCO!
Tom and Rebecca Foth
Terry Thirion
Tom Leith
Kris Ablitz - In memory of Pat Albitz
Joe Jaeger
Caryn Pope
Gary & Penny Smith - In Recognition of Taylor Smith
Tanya Knickerbocker
Angi & Abby Leis
Denise Pagonis - In Memory of MJ (Mary Jo Gooch)
Patrick, Driver of "Red Lighting" CheckerBus
Kathy Kersting
The Musketts
The Sylke Family
Cathy Kliebenstein
Christine Reichardt - In recognition and thanks to our music educators

La Crosse Pre-Tour Events
May 25, 2017 12:52 PM (Submitted by: Brad Furlano)

Here's where and when you can see the Blue Stars in the La Crosse area during Spring Training. All events are subject to change based on weather and other factors.

Friday, June 16
–Rehearsal at La Crescent High School

La Crosse Loggers vs. St. Cloud Rox. Visit for ticket information.

Saturday, June 17
March for Music 5K Run/Walk at Myrick Park in La Crosse 9 a.m. Advance registration is $25 per individual, $30 day of event. Packet pick-up and day-of registration is from 8 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. in Myrick Park. Awards and performance by the Blue Stars will follow the event.

Blue Stars Family Day and Hall of Fame Banquet 4:30-9:30 p.m. at Maple Grove Country Club. Reservations required

Sunday, June 18
–Winona Steamboat Days Parade

Preview Concert of the Blue Stars 2017 production at Onalaska High School Football Stadium at 7 p.m. If you plan to attend the free preview concert the Blue Stars ask that you bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Hunger Task Force.

Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2017
May 25, 2017 12:29 PM (Submitted by: Brad Furlano)

Each year, the Blue Stars take time to honor those people that contributed and sacrificed tirelessly to make the organization what it is today – and who shape what it can and will be in the future – with induction into the Blue Stars Hall of Fame. Those honorees include our founders, administrators, instructors, members, volunteers, and supporters all of whom believed in the success of the Blue Stars' mission.

Nominations for the Blue Stars Hall of Fame are solicited each winter, with the inductees chosen by the current Hall of Fame members and Blue Stars Board of Directors. Two individuals have been selected as the class of 2017 to join the current members of the Blue Stars Hall of Fame.


Michael Shapiro
Artistic Director, Choreographer, Designer, Color Guard Caption Head

Michael joined the Blue Stars for the 2008 season. In his decade with the corps, his creativity and energy have propelled the corps to a level of success not seen since the 70s. He is responsible for creating some of the Blue Stars' most memorable shows and concepts: Le Tour, The Factory, Houdini, Where the Heart Is, and many more. His dedication to the organization and its members has been a model for all staff members to follow.

Gary Tollers
Board Members, Souvenir Coordinator, River City Rhapsody Coordinator, Volunteer

Gary was a long-time volunteer and board member who tragically passed away while on tour with the corps in 2016. Gary didn't march or have children in the Blue Stars, but his contributions to the organization were many and paramount to the organization's success over the past decade.

Gary revamped and ran the corps' souvie program, managed the three River City Rhapsody shows, devoted time to projects small and large, and perhaps most importantly, was a trusted friend and confidant to all he met.


Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2016

Billy Happel

Bob & Deb Smith

Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Marge Kile

Timothy Kviz

Judy Young

Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2014

Dawn Christianson

Charlie Cullen

Brad Furlano

Colin Klos

Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2013

Erwin Albrecht

Moe Latour

Richard "Doc" Nelson

Steve Stueck

Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2012

Joe and Avis Furlano

Jay Severance

Terry Thirion

Rick Young

Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2011

David Dummer

Frank Van Voorhis

Dr. David Kampschroer

James Schultz

Denise Pagonis

Brian Whitty

The Blue Stars Class of 2017 Hall of Fame inductees will be honored at the Grand Premier event on Saturday, June 17 in West Salem, WI. Please make plans to attend and help us honor these great individuals.

Spring Training 2017
May 16, 2017 4:05 PM (Submitted by: Bradley Harris)

The 2017 Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps Spring Training begins on May 19th at Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa. On June 14th, the corps relocates to La Crosse, WI, continuing daily rehearsals and performing at various events during our annual La Crosse Week.

Below you will find important information regarding the 2017 Spring Training location, transportation options and fees, and downloadable documents to help you prepare for the 2017 Tour.





On Move-In Day, May 19th, you have the option of driving to Spring Training, flying in to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and the Blue Stars will once again offer bus shuttle service from Indiana and Illinois. If you are flying in to Minneapolis-St.Paul (MSP), schedule your flight arrival before 6:00 PM CST to ensure you will be able to connect with the bus to Forest City departing at 7:00 PM CST.

Please note, the bus service will only take place on May 19th. All other shuttle arrangements during Spring Training - i.e. if you need to go home for finals, graduation, or otherwise - will need to be communicated to Corps Administration. Given the distance of travel and time consideration, a nominal fee will be assessed to reserve an additional shuttle.

Payments for additional shuttles can be made at our Online Store.


  • Setup: May 17-18

  • Move-In: May 19

  • Forest City Community Appreciation Performance: June 11 (exact date & time TBA)

  • Relocate to La Crosse, WI: June 15

  • La Crosse Week: June 15-18

    As you know, the corps would not move a mile down the road without the dedicated support of our tireless family of volunteers. Please consider joining the Blue Stars at Spring Training in Iowa and Wisconsin.

    We need volunteers to help outfit the corps in our new uniforms, cook meals for members and staff, drive shuttles, and build the miscellaneous props and equipment we use each year.

    Please sign up to support the corps, and be one of the first to see our 2017 production firsthand!

Blue Stars 2017 "On Corps!" Winners: Brighton Barrineau and Trevor Schachner
May 8, 2017 11:12 PM (Submitted by: Bradley Harris)

The Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps are proud to announce the winner of the 2017 "On Corps!" Competition. "On Corps!" is a competition for aspiring arrangers and composers who wish their works to be considered for encore performance by the Blue Stars. The winning submission will be performed as part of the corps` encore repertoire during the upcoming season.

After an extensive review of dozens of entries, this year's "On Corps!" winners are Brighton Barrineau and Trevor Schachner. The two University of South Carolina undergraduate students submitted a joint project, an arrangement of "Shofukan," the hit chart from the jazz fusion group Snarky Puppy.

Brighton Barrineau is from Lexington, South Carolina and is currently studying Political Science at the University of South Carolina-Columbia with a minor in music. Brighton marched with the 2014 edition of Spirit of Atlanta and will be returning to march this summer with the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps for the 2017 season.

Trevor Schachner is a native of Spartanburg, South Carolina. As a junior at the University of South Carolina-Columbia, he studies Mechanical Engineering with a minor in music. Trevor has marched drum corps with Carolina Crown for the past two summers and will be marching with them again for the 2017 season.

Their arrangement will be premiered by the Blue Stars during an encore performance this summer, and a recording will be provided to the arrangers.

"It was very difficult to choose a winner from all of the excellent submissions we received," said Dr. Ward Miller, Brass Caption Head for the Blue Stars, and chair of the selection committee. "In the end, Trevor and Brighton's arrangement won because of its memorable, tuneful presentation paired with an understanding of the sound resources a drum corps provides."

The winners stated: "We are so humbled and excited to be the Blue Stars ‘On Corps' winner for the 2017 season. As avid arrangers and show designers, this opportunity allows us to hear our work played by one of the finest Drum Corps in the country. Being able to receive feedback from world-class educators is crucial for any aspiring arranger and composer and this experience allows us to get just that. We would like to thank our many close friends and colleagues, especially Justin Bui and Theo Richardson, who we have collaborated with us on many projects. We are so thankful and excited about this opportunity and we hope everyone enjoys our arrangement as much as we do!"

All of the submitted entries will receive personal feedback from the selection committee no later than May 18, a part of the Blue Stars' efforts in educational outreach.

"We're just so excited that this competition gives us the chance to reach out and positively affect aspiring composers and arrangers," said Dr. Miller. "We enjoyed the opportunity to help these writers see where they're being successful in their craft, and where they can improve the effectiveness of their music."

The Blue Stars are a drum and bugle corps competing in Drum Corps International's (DCI) World Class division. Their 2017 summer tour will see them perform in over 30 competitive venues around the Midwest, Central Plains, Southeast, and the Northeast. The corps is a regular feature in DCI Championship finals. For more information, visit

Job Openings - Assistant Head Cooks
Apr 18, 2017 4:17 PM (Submitted by: Bradley Harris)

The Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps is actively seeking one or two individuals interested in joining our 2017 Tour food program. Interested parties should have experience in large scale food preparation, maintaining a budget, and nutritional guidelines. Effective leadership and communication skills are highly desirable.

Please contact Bradley Harris, Director of Operations for more information:
Phone: (608) 782-3219

The Assistant Head Cooks are part of the team responsible for the daily nutrition and efficiency of the meal schedule during the corps' summer tour.  This will require managing an allotted budget and volunteer cook staff on the road and communicating general needs to the management staff.  Planning ahead for food pick-ups, propane fueling and general upkeep and cleanliness of the amenities of the Blue Stars cook trailer are also expected.  It is expected that the Assistant Head Cooks will work closely with the Head Cook, Corps Director and tour management staff to meet the nutritional and schedule needs of the corps.

Spring Training begins on May 19, 2017 and the season concludes on August 13, 2017.
It is preferred that the assistant head cook to be present for at least one of the pre-tour camps.

Commensurate with experience and availability.

Training, education, experience in the following areas is highly desirable:  management, food preparation, education, prior experience in the drum and bugle corps activity, and evidence of leadership capabilities.

Areas of Supervision/Communication:

  • Volunteer cook staff
  • Food Budget
  • Food/Beverage Stock
  • Ensures cleanliness of food prep facilities and that standard food safety guidelines are met
  • Loading/Securing of cook trailer prior to departure of housing sites
  • Unloading of cook trailer upon arrival to housing sites
  • Operation of amenities of food trailer
  • Open Communication of needs with Corps Director and tour management
  • Conduct on and around the food trailer

Support the 2017 Annual Campaign
Apr 12, 2017 1:54 PM (Submitted by: Brad Furlano)


We would like to thank everyone who has contributed towards our 2017 Annual Campaign. We have received donations of approximately $15,000 to date. Timothy and DeLisa Kviz will match the first $25,000 of donations to the campaign. Please help us take advantage of this generous offer!

2017 Annual Campaign Donors

$2,500 or More
Timothy & Delisa Kviz
Kevin Hanson
The Warren Family Fund

$1,000 to $2,499
Chris Bell
Jay & Kathryn Severance
Jennifer Wagner

$500 to $999
Mike Andrews
Brad & Niki Furlano
Bruce & Stacie Furlano
Dan Humiston
Amos McCormick
Charles Cullen

$100 to $499
Paul & Mary Chris Abicht
Stanley Bissen
John Bolstad
Kirk & Roberta Breen
Karen & Kevin Breitzke
Roger & Vickie Gran
Maribel & Ruben Guerra
Kenneth & Pam Ikier
Pauline Jackson
Jeffrey James
Gerald Johnson
Greg & Allison Keith
Brian & Jody King
Megan King
Richard & Bette Kirby
John & Jacqueline Kuhl
Thomas King
Sally McCann
Rachel & Geoff O'Donnell
Mark & Sandra Perpich
Donna Reichwein & David Kampa
Jason Schmidt
Andrew Schneider
Stacy Stueck
Jodi Tamminga
Richard & Debbie Weibert
William West
Rick & Judy Young
Terry & Carol Thirion

Up to $99
John Dahlen
Jan Dykshorn
Greg & Evie Furlano
Deborah & Glenn Fleege
Allison Gacioch
David Glover
Ona & Jack Hammond
Marilyn Hanson
Timothy Henke
Marilyn Horn
Ardis & Robert Jenkins
Kay Krause
Tom Leith
Joyce & Richard McKenzie
James Parker
Glen & Linda Perry
Joseph & Arlene Ready
Lisa & David St. Peter
Betty Stoleson
Leonard Stueck
Sharon Stueck
David & Mary Van Voorhis
Gayle & Howard Wandrey
David Wilson
Michael & Julie Wuensch

Save the Date: Blue Stars Family Day and Hall of Fame Induction
Mar 31, 2017 2:02 PM (Submitted by: Brad Furlano)

The Blue Stars are excited to present Family Day on Saturday, June 17 for all of our alumni, friends, and fans. This event will include the Blue Stars 2017 Hall of Fame induction, and replaces the Grand Premier Banquet.

Why the change? "We listened to feedback from people that have attended - and not attended - the Grand Premier in the past, and made the decision to host a less formal, more affordable, and more approachable event for all," said Executive Director Brad Furlano.

Full details of the ticketed event will be announced soon, but Family Day will include a standstill performance by the 2017 Blue Stars, a catered meal, a chance to socialize and interact with the full corps, live and silent auctions, and honoring the 2017 inductees to the Blue Stars Hall of Fame.

Running with the Stars is now March for Music 5K Fun Run
Mar 15, 2017 1:41 PM (Submitted by: Niki Furlano)

New for 2017, the Blue Stars are excited to roll out the March for Music 5K Fun Run! We've retooled our annual Running With the Stars 5k event into one that will benefit all area band programs. Now, participants select the area music program they would like to support and $10 of the registration fee will automatically be donated to that music program. It's that easy!

All of your favorite perks from Running with the Stars are still there:
- Scenic course through Myrick Park and the La Crosse Marsh Trails
- Course entertainment and encouragement from the Blue Stars musicians and performers
- Tech shirts and gift bags to commemorate the event
- Blue Stars concert performance at the conclusion of the run

Sign up today to support your favorite music program and March for Music!

What: March For Music 5K Fun Run 
Why: To support local band and music programs in the greater La Crosse Area
When: 9:00 am Saturday, June 17, 2017
Where: Myrick Park Main Shelter, run course is through the park and on the marsh trails
To Sign Up and more information:

The 2017 Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps Presents Star Crossed
Feb 14, 2017 6:23 PM (Submitted by: Bradley Harris)
"On Corps!" Competition Returns in 2017
Feb 4, 2017 10:06 PM (Submitted by: Bradley Harris)

The Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to announce the return of their annual "On Corps!" competition for aspiring arrangers and composers! We invite individuals with an interest in arranging and composing music to submit their works to be considered for performance by the 2017 Blue Stars. The winning arrangement/composition will be performed as part of the corps` encore repertoire for the season.

All participants will receive feedback on their submission from members of the Blue Stars design and instructional team. Johnathan Segovia, the winner of the 2016 "On Corps" contest, states:

"The On Corps competition is extremely valuable to young or emerging composers. The critique alone makes it worth entering. It is a surreal experience to see something I wrote down on paper to be played by DCI's best groups. It is something I will treasure for the rest of my life."

Works submitted should meet the following criteria:
1. May not be shorter than 1 minute 30 seconds or longer than two minutes in length
2. Must be arranged with the following part distribution:

  • 3 trumpets
  • 2 mellophones
  • 3 baritones/euphoniums
  • 1 tuba (sparing use of divisi writing is permissible) percussion (Our staff will augment percussion parts as needed)

    3. Music must be able to be performed publicly under current copyright laws. The Blue Stars will pay copyright fees for the winning work if needed.
    4. The work must be an original arrangement or composition, unpublished in any other venue.
    5. Pay the Submission Fee

    Submission Process:
    $75 fee must accompany each submission. Individuals may submit as many entries as they so choose, but each submitted work requires the $75 fee. A PDF score and digital recording (both computer-synthesized and live ensemble recordings are acceptable) must be submitted to by 8 AM on Monday, May 1st, 2017. The score must include the author's full name, e-mail address, and telephone number. The winner will be announced by Monday, May 8th, and the winning work will be performed as an encore by the Blue Stars Drum and bugle Corps during their 2017 tour. All submissions will receive feedback on their submissions no later than May 18th, 2017.

    © 1998 - 2017 Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps