Spring Training 2017
May 16, 2017 4:05 PM (Submitted by: Bradley Harris)

The 2017 Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps Spring Training begins on May 19th at Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa. On June 14th, the corps relocates to La Crosse, WI, continuing daily rehearsals and performing at various events during our annual La Crosse Week.

Below you will find important information regarding the 2017 Spring Training location, transportation options and fees, and downloadable documents to help you prepare for the 2017 Tour.





On Move-In Day, May 19th, you have the option of driving to Spring Training, flying in to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and the Blue Stars will once again offer bus shuttle service from Indiana and Illinois. If you are flying in to Minneapolis-St.Paul (MSP), schedule your flight arrival before 6:00 PM CST to ensure you will be able to connect with the bus to Forest City departing at 7:00 PM CST.

Please note, the bus service will only take place on May 19th. All other shuttle arrangements during Spring Training - i.e. if you need to go home for finals, graduation, or otherwise - will need to be communicated to Corps Administration. Given the distance of travel and time consideration, a nominal fee will be assessed to reserve an additional shuttle.

Payments for additional shuttles can be made at our Online Store.


  • Setup: May 17-18

  • Move-In: May 19

  • Forest City Community Appreciation Performance: June 11 (exact date & time TBA)

  • Relocate to La Crosse, WI: June 15

  • La Crosse Week: June 15-18

    As you know, the corps would not move a mile down the road without the dedicated support of our tireless family of volunteers. Please consider joining the Blue Stars at Spring Training in Iowa and Wisconsin.

    We need volunteers to help outfit the corps in our new uniforms, cook meals for members and staff, drive shuttles, and build the miscellaneous props and equipment we use each year.

    Please sign up to support the corps, and be one of the first to see our 2017 production firsthand!

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