Thank You DCI Giving Challenge Donors
Jul 17, 2017 3:02 PM (Submitted by: Brad Furlano)

A heartfelt Thank You to all of the generous people who donated in support of the Blue Stars during the DCI Giving Challenge. The friendly competition between drum corps is a lot of fun, but at the end of the day it's is the financial support for these great organizations that is most important. Even though the DCI Giving Challenge is completed, you can add your name to the list of donors by clicking the donate now button today.

2017 Donors

$1,000 and More
Timothy Kviz
Timothy Runge - In Recognition of Jacob Runge and the dedication he has shown to achieve one of his dreams. Marching with the Blue Stars.
Kevin Hanson
Miranda Soucie
Jenny Wagner
Tom Volk -- in recognition of everyone who has worked on the food truck

$500 to $999
Stacie & Bruce Furlano
Niki & Brad Furlano
John & Fran Donahue
Geri Bulka
Fred Feeney
Scott and Donna Mattson
Deresa & Ron Gade
Fukui Mortuary
Jonathan Powell
James Van Vleet
Sue Wilson
Derek & Anisa Clark - Recognizing our beloved David Clark doing what you love on Blue Stars. Proud of your commitment to the team David!

$100 to $499
Arlene Jones
Chris Kohler
Michael Andrews
Patrick Kuhl
Jim Grabowska
Keith Blankenship
Sean Kohler
John Bolstad - In Memory of Rick Ball
The Sylke Family
Robert Kistler
Joe & Avis Furlano
Charles L. Cullen
Breitzke Family
Paul Gentine
Brandon Gilreath
Susan Varner and Jack Withrow
Gary J Muldoon
John Beseler
Karl & Pam Vonderohe
Bryan Borg
Karen Fries - In honor of all Drum Corps Alumni
Billy and Kathy Happel
Jennifer Larsen
Sue Pochop - In Honor of Kendra Pochop
Nancy and Paul Keller - In Honor of Elliott Keller
Mark Johnstone - In honor of the Sky Ryders Alumni
Bradley Harris
Janet Chavers
The Smith/ Krawczyk Families
Jose Cervantes
Patti & Mark Wrobel - In honor of 2015 age out Marcus Wrobel
Elijah Jones
Kevin Ramsey - FCO
Brent Appleyard
Shannon Pierce
Gail Louise Sneed
Mike & Kay Whittemore, '77 Blue Star Alum, works with Stanbury Uniforms, owner of
Andrew McDonald and family
Dawn Christianson - In Memory of Dawn's Mom & Dad
Doc & Karen Nelson
Brian & Monica Ramey
In Memory of Hans Rath
Kathy and Marc Jackett
Steve Stueck
Vicki Engevold
Edward Breitzke
Jon Bahr
Ken & Judy Teeters
Douglas King - In recognition of William King
Kathryn Roeder - In Honor of Jim Schultz
Bob, Cheryl & Hunter Snow
Kelli Antoine - In memory of Dave Kampschroer
Eric Lund
Katherine Hofslien-Moreno
Marie Deja
Owen's Family

Up to $99
Joy Gehm
Sheila O'Sullivan
Denise Pagonis
Lisa Tunks - In Recognition of Dean Tunks
Clem Papineau
Diane Christianson
Skylar & Taylor Winkler
Michele Teague
Kimberly Stephens
Penny Dollens-Smith
Jim Revis
Melissa Tabor
Leanne Kowalski
Sean Villanueva
Gail & Nancy Morgan - In Honor of Josh Morgan
Donald Stephens
Cameron M. Smith
Rick Young
Deborah Mirr
Alex Larson
Janet & John Gacioch
Daniella Stucky
Lisa Ochs
Dawn Christianson
Brandon Wilson
Deandra Christianson
Caroline Baty-Barr - Go Blue Stars, Go Owen!
Mary Sinnott - In recognition of Michael Sinnott '99, 2000, 2003
David-Donna Kampa
Lisa Ekstrom - In Honor of alum /son Justin Ekstrom
Ilene Arends - In Honor Of Blue Stars Alumnus Wesley Arends
Jacqueline Fine - In Honor of Devon Fine
Lynn Boyd
Christina Knudson
Sarah Mattson - Merry Drum Corps Christmas!
Kristen Robbins
Theresa Koss - In Remembrance of Ashley Koss (Bluewater Brass Competition Host Asst)
Paul Gentine
Andrew Tremblay
RIchard and Jennifer Miller
Michael Albitz
Joelle Varner - FCO!
Tom and Rebecca Foth
Terry Thirion
Tom Leith
Kris Ablitz - In memory of Pat Albitz
Joe Jaeger
Caryn Pope
Gary & Penny Smith - In Recognition of Taylor Smith
Tanya Knickerbocker
Angi & Abby Leis
Denise Pagonis - In Memory of MJ (Mary Jo Gooch)
Patrick, Driver of "Red Lighting" CheckerBus
Kathy Kersting
The Musketts
The Sylke Family
Cathy Kliebenstein
Christine Reichardt - In recognition and thanks to our music educators

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