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Requirements of being a Blue Star

There are six basic requirements:

  1. Desire - The courage to come to the audition.
  2. Time - You need to have the ability to attend most winter rehearsals and all summer performances. You need to be able to move in with the corps on or near memorial day weekend.
  3. Finances - Tour Fees, camp fees, and membership fees need to be considered. How much does it cost to march?
  4. Attitude - Sometimes drum corps is quite difficult. Your attitude in the face of stress will be the single most important factor in your success as a member of the Blue Stars.
  5. Age - you can audition with the Blue Stars if you are between the age of fourteen and twenty-one. If you turn 22 on or after June 1st of 2019 you are permitted to march with the corps.
  6. Health - Daily rehearsals, performances and travel make drum corps even more intense and demanding than many collegiate level sports. Your body must be capable of holding up under tremendously stressful physical conditions.

To receive information on auditioning, be sure you fill out the form at the bottom of the Membership Information page.

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