Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2013
Apr 24, 2013 12:18 PM (Submitted by: Brad Furlano)

Beginning in 2011, the Blue Stars have honored individuals who have made an indelible mark on the organization during its 49-year history. The list includes our founders, administrators, instructors, members, volunteers, and supporters that have worked tirelessly to make the Blue Stars the outstanding organization it is today.

Nominations are solicited each winter, with the inductees chosen by the current Hall of Fame members and Blue Stars Board of Directors. Four individuals have been selected as the class of 2013 to join the 11 current members of the Blue Stars Hall of Fame.

Erwin Albrecht (1926-2012)
Parent, Past Board Member, Volunteer

Erwin Albrecht served as treasurer for the Blue Stars from the 60s to mid 70s in both the booster club and on the board of directors. He was also an important player in the relationship with First Federal Savings and Loan, an early financial backer of the corps.

Erwin and Mary Albrecht first lived in La Crescent and moved La Crosse. They had four children, all marching in the brass section of the Blue Stars. The Albrechts represent one of the many hard working families from the 70s and Erwin is an excellent choice as a member of the Blue Stars Hall of Fame.

Moe Latour
Tour Director

Moe Latour was an invaluable member of the Blue Stars family during the 70s and early 80s. He was the day-to-day administraive face of the Blue Stars. From coordinating the overall summer tour itinerary to the individual daily schedules, Moe saw to it that all aspects of the corps ran not only smoothly, but also in sync.

Moe was well aware of the history and traditions of the Blue Stars. Moe was quick to see to it that all of the members lived up to their part in maintaining the integrity of the corps. Moe was the consummate southern gentleman when interacting with those within and outside the Blue Stars.

Each day on tour Moe would wake the membership with that soothing southern drawl of "good mawning Blue Stars, it time for .....". He would assist with the meals, settle disputes, and listen to staff and members alike when they needed someone to talk to. On show days Moe would lead us into the stadium and was at the finish line to be the first to greet us after the show. Moe was the most public face of the corps during his time with the corps.

Richard "Doc" Nelson
Designer, Instructor

Richard "Doc" Nelson was instrumental in the development of the Blue Stars in the early 70s. He joined the corps in 1970 after talking to Dave Kampschroer in 1969 and later to Frank Van Voorhis. He and Frank worked jointly on the drill design for the corps and Dick did the design and teaching for the color guard.

He was innovative for his time, and the Blue Stars color guard had few rivals in those years. Each member was special to him. He worked well with Frank and formed a close friendship with fellow instructors Rick Young and Terry Thirion.

Dick Nelson did Drum Corps for truly altruistic reasons – in fact "For The Kids!", without consideration for personal gain. There is no doubt he was a great role model for members of the Blue Stars, and those former marching members continue to benefit from his lessons and example.

Steve Stueck
Alumnus, Volunteer, Past Board Member, Instructor, Business Manager

Steve Stueck has shown a selfless commitment to the Blue Stars, its members, and the drum and bugle corps activity. It is not an understatement to say that the reemergence of the Blue Stars as a World Class Corps would not have been possible without Steve's tireless volunteer efforts over the past 24 years.

Time and time again, during good years and bad, Steve has stepped to the plate to complete needed tasks regardless of glamour or recognition. His love of the Blue Stars is unwavering, and he devotes a significant portion of his free time to the corps' business and success.

Steve's dedication goes beyond the Blue Stars as an organization, however. He cares about each and every individual of the corps, from members to staff and other volunteers. In his role as a volunteer for DCI, he greets every corps with a smile and wave, and does everything in his power to ensure corps and members can concentrate on performing their very best.

Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2012

Joe and Avis Furlano

Jay Severance

Terry Thirion

Rick Young

Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2011

David Dummer

Frank Van Voorhis

Dr. David Kampschroer

James Schultz

Denise Pagonis

Brian Whitty

The Blue Stars Class of 2013 Hall of Fame inductees will be honored at the Grand Premier event on Saturday, June 15 in La Crosse. Please make plans to attend and help us honor these great individuals.

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