Blue Stars Hall of Fame Class of 2018
May 7, 2018 9:28 AM (Submitted by: Brad Furlano)

Each year, the Blue Stars take time to honor those people who contributed and sacrificed tirelessly to make the organization what it is today – and who shape what it can and will be in the future – with induction into the Blue Stars Hall of Fame. Those honorees include our founders, administrators, instructors, members, volunteers, and supporters all of whom believed in the power of the Blue Stars' mission.

Nominations for the Blue Stars Hall of Fame are solicited each winter, with the inductees chosen by the current Hall of Fame members and Blue Stars Board of Directors. Two individuals have been selected as the class of 2018 to join the current members of the Blue Stars Hall of Fame.


Tom King
Alumnus, Executive Director, Volunteer

Tom King started his involvement with the Blue Stars in 1964, joining the Blue Star Cadets as a drummer, moving to the Blue Stars in 1965 and marching with the corps through the 1970 season. Tom has worn a lot of hats with the organization since those first days in 1964. A few of his various titles include: Member, Instructor,, Bingo Manager, Food Coordinator, Cadet Corps Director, Executive Director, and Volunteer.

"Tom has been a very loyal volunteer for many years, often taking extended time on tour to work the souvie stand and or help wherever needed," said Billy Happel in his nomination support letter. "I have never been to the Oktoberfest brat stand without seeing Tom there. When thinking about the Blue Stars Hall of Fame, I always ask myself the question: Would the Blue Stars be where they are today without this person? And in the case of Tom King, I say there is no doubt of the positive impact he has made on the corps and it's history."

Tom's dedication to the young adults that pass through the Blue Stars is extraordinary, and continues to this day as he volunteers his time and energy to ensuring the Blue Stars are strong and healthy now and into the future.

Tom Volk
Volunteer, Angel Donor

Tom Volk never marched with the Blue Stars. In fact, he never marched in any drum corps. But, his impact on the Blue Stars and his legacy in the organization is enormous, now and for years into the future. For the past decade Tom has been a regular presence at camps and on tour as a volunteer. He can often be found on the food line scooping out whatever delicacy is on the menu during a meal, and prides himself on quickly learning the names of every member of the organization.

"The Blue Stars remind me a lot of my time in the band and the experiences I had as a member: a strong sense of family and working towards common goals with hard work and determination. I see so much support for each other among the members," said Tom. "It's astonishing to watch the development of individuals and the group over the course of a season."

Beyond Tom's volunteer work, his financial contributions to the organization have greatly assisted as we have tackled large capital projects, most prominently his support of our new equipment trailer project. The Volk's Wagon is here today because he saw the need and generously stepped up to help make it happen.


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The Blue Stars Class of 2018 Hall of Fame inductees will be honored at the Family Day event on Saturday, June 16 in Onalaska, WI. Please make plans to attend and help us honor these great individuals.

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