Thank You DCI Giving Challenge Donors
Jul 26, 2018 8:40 AM (Submitted by: Brad Furlano)

A heartfelt Thank You to all of the generous people who donated in support of the Blue Stars during the DCI Giving Challenge. The friendly competition between drum corps is a lot of fun, but at the end of the day it's is the financial support for these great organizations that is most important. While the official challenge has concluded, you can still add your name to the list of donors by clicking the donate now button today.

2018 Donors

$1,000 and More
John & Fran Donahue
Jenny Wagner
Timothy & DeLisa Kviz
Tim & Rosa Lundin
Tom Volk
Kevin Hanson

$500 to $999
Brad & Niki Furlano
Bruce & Stacie Furlano
Michael Andrews
Fred Feeney

$100 to $499
Donna Smith
Blue Stars Guard 1972
Virginia Abbott
Charles Cullen
Christy Scott - In honor of Zach Scott
Jim Grabowska
Vicki Engevold
Shannon Pierce
Dan, Brigid and Dan (Baritone '09,'10 and '12) Heath
Mark Johnstone
Zach Scott
John Bolstad
Rick Butcher
Mike Hicks
The Gacioch Family
Richard and Jennifer Miller
Laurie Green
Amy and Brad Bowers
Robert Abbott
Christian Torres
Karmen's Nana
Robert and Jaclyn Kistler
2018 Blue Stars, FCO
Brent Appleyard
Ed & Gail Kviz
Brian Stahlkopf
Karl & Pam Vonderohe
Kevin Guth
In Recognition of the Linville Family
Sheila O'Sullivan
Steve Stueck
Alex (trumpet 09-13), Karyn & Kevin Breitzke
Nick & Anne Young
Gary & Sheila Muldoon
Brandon Jackett
Avis & Joe Furlano
Gail Sneed
Dillon Bille
Chap Obregon
Alan and Sue McDonald
Ken and Judy Teeters
Marcus Spiegel - In Honor Of Aaron Spiegel
Beth Funke - In honor of our Once and Future Carpenter
Rick Leggett
Cheryl Chiapetto
Brendan Korak
Sue Pochop

Up to $99
Skyler and Taylor Winkler
Brandon Wilson - Baritone
In Honor & Recognition of Jaden Miller
Zach Scott
Carin Perry - In Honor of Zach Scott
A Member's Mom
For the Mellophone Section
Debra Mirr
Judith Young
The Musketts
Michael Sinnott
Lisa Ekstrom - In Honor of Justin (2012-2014)
Sharon Lubin - In recognition of the awesome pit!
Terry & Carol Thirion
Jerry & Christine Johnson
Clem Sop 1977
Lauren Bond
Paul F Gentine
For Andrew and Natasha
Kristine Kelleher
In Honor of Jonathan Gacioch
Penny Dollens-Smith
Anne Wittenberg - In Recognition of Andrew Acs
Chris Goyan
Timothy Nicholas
Patti & Mark Wrobel - In Honor of Marcus Wrobel '15 Alumni
Mt Lebanon, PA Fan
In Honor of Gary Tollers
Aaron Spiegel
Richard Minnotte
Joelle Varner - In honor of past and present Blue Stars--FCO!
Jonathan Moore
In memory of Dawn's mom and dad
Lisa Ochs
Brad & Nancy Bartz
Gramma Vicky & Grampa Herb In Loving Recognition of Jaden Miller Snare 2018
Gehm family
Christy Scott - In honor of Zach Scott
Ida Novack - In honor of Zack Novack
Karen Fries - In honor of alumni Katie Fries and Pat Kuhl

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