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Charlie Cullen

1966 was the first field corps for the Blue Stars. The corps consisted of 36 horns, 18 flags, 4 rifles, 11 drummers, 3 majors, and 3 in the American Flag Guard. This was the first year that the corps wore helmets and the now famous brillo-pad plumes.

Like any new corps starting out, the Blue Stars won almost every contest they entered. The highlight was when we won the Minneosota State American Legion Championships in Rochester, Minnesota, beating the St. Paul Scouts, the Austin Lancers and the St. Peter Governors. The Blue Stars were also the Tri-State Champions for 1966.

Touring had not begun yet, so the Blue Stars went directly from La Crosse to Washington, D.C. for the 1966 American Legion Nationals. In Washington, the corps stayed in the dorms at George Washington University, a very fashionable part of D.C.. Also staying in the same dorm was the Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights of Bayonne, N.J., a powerhouse corps at the time.

In Washington the 1966 corps had already learned the music and drill for the 1967 opener. We performed the next years show for the Golden Knights and anybody else who was there. They thought it wa great. Talk about being ready, the 1966 corps began a great tradition that was carried on for years.

1966 American Legion Nationals-Washington, D.C.

1. Cavaliers
2. Boston Crusaders
3. Blessed Sacrament
4. Troopers
5. Royal-Airs
18. Blue Stars

1966 Music

"Brighton Beach"
"Begin the Beguin"
"Mary Poppins" Medly
"When You Wish Upon a Star"

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